When making crack at home, what is the ratio of cocaine to baking soda?

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1 Answer

First of all a Public Service Announcement: Don't do/sell drugs - its bad. Now on to the lecture part of the answer: Crack Cocaine only gets you high for about 15 minutes. Pound for pound (or gram for gram) Methamphetamine gives you a much larger bang for your dollar. We are talking on the order of 4 to 8 hours (depending on the quality of the product and how you do it). Further if you IV use meth its like sex - but sex with 100 people at the same time for like 4 to 8 hours. And the rush compares to sex in a way. If Sex was being hit in the face with a baseball bat - Meth is like being totally body slammed with a big rig going 65 mph. Freebasing is fun and all, but lets face it - if you are doing or selling drugs Meth is where it is at. Crank (not crack) is cheaper in the long run. Although I would rather you did not sell or use, I would prefer that you do it frugally - either way both Crack and Crank pretty much fuck you over in the long run. But crank is a lot more fun in the ...
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