When should I use a fogger and are they effective in getting rid of bed bugs?

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Bug bombs or foggers are said to effectively kill bed bugs. They kill bedbugs by filling an enclosed space with pesticides using an aerosol propellant. Bug bombs or total release foggers are labelled as instant solutions to bed bugs and pests but you should remember that foggers aren’t really effective in getting rid of many kinds of pests like cockroaches, ants, and eve bedbugs. Using foggers alone might not be the best solution for your home because foggers can only kill pests it comes in contact with so if the pests are able to hide, they’ll survive. Using foggers is also not advisable if you’re not used to using them because the slightest mistake in setting one off can cause explosions and fires in your property.  Foggers contain flammable and dangerous materials that are harmful to the body. To effectively get rid of pests and bedbugs in your room or property, foggers must be combined with other pest control methods and they are most effective and much safer for you and your family if they’re administered by pest control experts. You can learn more about bed bug control by visiting Bowman Services.