When should I use a fogger and are they effective in getting rid of bed bugs?

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Khristin Cantin

No, I found that the only product that will kill bed bugs is diatomaceous earth. Its also safe for humans and pets. Pest control told me that they use a product that is similar to diatomaceous earth. Take everything out of the house if possible even take down any pictures or wall hangings. Bed bugs will even get on curtains. Sprinkled it all over the home and leave it for a while. I was able to get rid of them this way and have not had any more problems. Pest control came back out to check after and did not find any.


Bedbugs are blood-sucking parasites. BedbugThey settles everywhere where people spend the night. Bed bugs can bite one person, and another person in the same room will not bite. It depends on what kind of skin a person has. I have been struggling with these parasites for a very long time. I listened to the advice of experts and did everything as they said. Moreover, I decided to burn my bedding before. I read a lot about bamboo bedding from this article: https://welcoming-house.com/best-bamboo-sheets/. I learned that such bedding is non-toxic and, on the contrary, very environmentally friendly, it also has antiseptic properties. Now I have a sweet sleep due to the purchase of such laundry and getting rid of bedbugs.


Bug bombs or foggers are said to effectively kill bed bugs. They kill bedbugs by filling an enclosed space with pesticides using an aerosol propellant. Bug bombs or total release foggers are labelled as instant solutions to bed bugs and pests but you should remember that foggers aren’t really effective in getting rid of many kinds of pests like cockroaches, ants, and eve bedbugs. Using foggers alone might not be the best solution for your home because foggers can only kill pests it comes in contact with so if the pests are able to hide, they’ll survive. Using foggers is also not advisable if you’re not used to using them because the slightest mistake in setting one off can cause explosions and fires in your property.  Foggers contain flammable and dangerous materials that are harmful to the body. To effectively get rid of pests and bedbugs in your room or property, foggers must be combined with other pest control methods and they are most effective and much safer for you and your family if they’re administered by pest control experts. You can learn more about bed bug control by visiting Bowman Services.