When was Cubic Zirconia Invented?

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1 Answer

Cubic zirconia wasnt actually invented. Its a mineral that naturally occurs just like traditional diamonds. The mineral was discovered in 1937, and its similarity to diamonds was noticed immediately. Youre probably wondering if cubic zirconia was discovered in 1937, and is as good as a diamond, why isnt it more popular. Its because cubic zirconia is rare and not easily obtained. Jewelers couldnt find a steady supply, so they werent able to use it for jewelry. However, a pair of Russian scientists found a way around this problem. In the late 1970s, Russian scientists learned to reproduce cubic zirconia. They discovered a chemical process that allowed them to produce natural looking supplies of the mineral. The process involved combining zirconium oxide and yttrium oxide. When the two substances were melted together, they created a brilliant crystal that looked like a natural diamond. This discovery made the mineral widely available and easily obtainable for use in jewelry. Jewelers ... more
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