When will the Board of Regents vote on the new brand identity logo?

brand identity logo Regents vote

9. Will the new UH logo replace the seal? 10. What will it cost to implement the university s new brand identity? 11. How does the system graphic identity impact the athletic teams? 12. How long will it take to fully implement UH s new brand identity? Answers 1. Why is it important for the university to embark on a new brand identity campaign? In the 2002 system strategic plan, the university was charged by the Board of Regents with advancing the unique identities of each individual college while communicating the benefits of one integrated system. A key goal was to define and develop a cohesive graphic identity that embraced the uniqueness of Hawai’i. Return to top. 2. How was a design firm selected? In June 2002 a request for proposal (RFP) for graphic design services was issued. It was sent to 21 firms identified as having expertise in brand development. UH s procurement office posted the RFP on the web and ran the appropriate advertisements. Fourteen firms responded with proposals,

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