Whenever I try to login to a restricted site, I receive an error message “page cannot be displayed”?

Error LOGIN message site Try

This message may be displayed due to one of the following conditions: 1. Expired/Invalid VeriSign Certificates: If you currently have expired or invalid VeriSign certificates, you will not be able to access restricted sites. We are no longer supporting VeriSign Digital Certificates. Please ensure that you have a valid FIS digital certificate installed. Close the IE window and open a new instance. When prompted, select the Exostar FIS certificate and login to the application. If you do not have a valid Exostar FIS certificate, refer to the FIS User Subscription for MLOA Guide for information on requesting certificates. 2. Expired Certificates/Invalid Certificates: If your FIS certificates have expired or are invalid, you will not be able to access the restricted sites. To access the restricted site, you will need to login to MAG and submit an FIS certificate request. For information on how to reapply for certificates, refer to the FIS Renewal/Reapply Guide. 3. The prompt certificate is

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