Where are the Best Chicken Wings in Charlotte, North Carolina?

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6 Answers

Hefs Bar and Blonde Lounge
1600 E. Woodlawn Rd
Charlotte, NC 28209
(704) 523-1008
I asked our waiter (who I think was the owner) what he recommended and gave it to me straight...they have a kick a$$ wraps and their burgers are awesome. He was dead on...my gf had the Black & Bleu which was awesome and I had the Southwest Chicken wrap that was one of the best wraps I've had at a bar. We were all pleasantly surprised at how good the fries were b/c they didn't look amazing. Go here and try this place...Why, b/c I SAID SO! I didn't see the Blonde's side to know what was going on....can anyone help me out for the next time I go? Pros + Great neighborhood bar, location more
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Picasso's Sports Cafe
1301 East Blvd
Charlotte, NC 28203
(704) 331-0133
Being from the north, chicken wings are something that I have grown up eating. Moving down here to Charlotte, it was quite some time before I stumbled into this place and found a good chicken wing. They have more than the usual hot or mild flavors and most of the flavors are pretty good. Good sized wings, not fatty, and cooked to your liking. On Tuesday and Wednesday nights from 5-830 or so, they have 1/2 off wings, where you get a dozen for 4 bucks...cant get any better than that. Great place, service is kind of slow sometimes, but all worth it. On any sporting night, suggest getting there early to get a table. Pros + Good Wings, Pizza Cons - Parking, Food Slow to Come Out Sometimes more
Ed's Tavern
2200 Park Rd
Charlotte, NC 28203
(704) 335-0033
Eds is the epitome of a neighborhood bar located in the mostly residential area of Dilworth. They have something on the menu to please just about anyone. Their burgers are great, all of their sandwiches have something to say for themselves and their newest addition "Fried green beans" are out of this world. The drink specials are as good as you are going to get in the city here. Almost every day you can get a domestic bottle/draft for $2, sometimes even cheaper. I know at one point they had $1.50 Coors drafts. Eds is a pretty big place but it does fill up quickly from Thurs-Sunday especially if a game is on they will be busy from 11am-close in most situations. They have plenty of televisions with various games. They have pool, juke box, checkers and darts. Friendly atmosphere, cheap drinks, good food...great recipe. Pros + Huge Menu, Cheap Drinks Cons - Gets pretty crowded more
The Tavern On Park
1600 Woodlawn Rd
Charlotte, NC 28209
(704) 519-4740
I have been to this place more times than I care to admit simply because it's so convenient. Located in the Park Road Shopping area (the new one with Jason's Deli), it offers a good alternative when you have a group of people who cannot decide on where to go. The drinks here are by far the best thing this place has going for it. Thursday evenings the drink specials are 2nd to none at 1/2 off all liquor drinks. They also have 50cent wings on Thursday if you are hungry. On Saturdays they have $10 buckets and inexpensive draft drinks. Now for the food. I cannot say that I am blown away by it, but its good. All of the food seems fairly fresh and I personally have not had a meal that I did not like. I have been out with friends before and they have been let down by both the quality and quantity of the food given. Once with the shrimp and grits and the other with one of the chicken sandwiches. All in all it's a decent spot to just go and grab a bite with some friends and have a few dri more
Cans Bar & Canteen
500 W 5TH St
Charlotte, NC 28202
(704) 940-0200
The name made me thinks of a strip club, but it was actually a really cool bar. Very laid back with a good crowd. The rooftop area/bar was c... more
T-Bones On The Lake
3990 Charlotte Hwy
Lake Wylie, SC 29710
(803) 831-0170
T-Bones has really gone down hill the past few years with the food and service. I went there a few months ago with my spouse and stepchildren and were not impressed at all, after not going for a couple years. Food was bad, portions were small, no flavor, expensive prices, lazy service, ouch!! I was thinking a couple years ago we went on an off night, but apparantly not. Also, a friend of mine got kicked out of the restaurant by the owner last week for buying VIRGIN strawberry daiquaries for his daughter and her friend at the bar and went back to his table with his group. The owner, who did not have a name tag or even introduced himself as the owner to my friend asked him if there was alcohol in those drinks and he said no. Also, my friend thought that the owner was going to flirt on his daughter. Very unprofessional. Of course my friend got a little mouthy and concerned. If the owner would have introduced himself FIRST and said who he was, none of this would have happened. I more

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