Where are the Best French Fries in San Antonio, Texas?

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J Alexander's Restaurants
255 E Basse Rd Ste 1300
San Antonio, TX 78209
(210) 824-0275
I am a frequent diner of J. Alexanders, and their Croissants are just to die for! Just ask for a basket(3pcs) if you didn't see it on menu. I do agree of previous review of it might not be the best place to bring infants or young child to, however i did sat w/some well behave toddlers during a sunny afternoon in their patio. guess it just denpends on how good your child behave. Given it's atomsphere and hearty portion of food, the price is pretty reasonable. Although i did got an uncooked salmon once, the manager certainly took good care of it...unlike other famous chain store...read my other reiviews if you r interest. Over all I do encourage you to pay them a visit when you have a chance to hang around The Quarry. Pros + To Die for Croissants! more
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Willies Grill & Icehouse
15801 San Pedro Ave
San Antonio, TX 78232
(210) 490-9220
After searching for a good place to get 2 lbs of crawfish, I finally found a great place to go during the season. If you like crawfish, you can definitely tell the difference from fresh and frozen. The mudbugs at Willies are so fresh that none of the tails stick to the shell, I believe it's because they order them "live". These critters were probably swimming around the same morning that you have decided to dine on them. The butter sauce that's served with them for dipping is also excellent! I'm still looking for a place that compares but have found none. Pros- Great beer selection Cons- A little crowded. more
Longhorn Cafe
17625 Blanco Rd Ste 1
San Antonio, TX 78232
(210) 492-0301
Longhorn Cafe' has the best burgers in town bar none. The first bite will grab you and never let go. You always want more. A churchill staple and Northside favorite. They are always busy waiting for another belly to fill with a giant hamburger. A melt in your mouth burger. Mmmmmmm....... Pros + food, country style & feel, sweet tea Cons - tight spaces, restrooms more
E Z's Brick Oven & Grill
6498 N New Braunfels Ave
San Antonio, TX 78209
(210) 828-1111
The food here is really great. It not only tastes great, but it is much better than your run-of-the-mill fast food eatery. The servers are friendly, and the large volume of people speaks for itself. You get good food here for a reasonable price. Pros + Great food, Friendly, Fast Cons - Sometimes crowded more
Chester's Hamburger Co
9980 W Ih 10
San Antonio, TX 78230
(210) 699-1222
Even their signs say Voted best in Texas and I would tend to agree. Big, thick paties, all the toppings you can ask for... Plus cooked to y... more
115 Alamo Plz
San Antonio, TX 78205
(210) 223-9944
My wife and I visited Fuddruckers again. We don't have them where we live, so it was anticipated. It was noon on a busy Festival day and I'd read the review warning about slow service, but our order was taken quickly and then we waited. And waited. And ordered a shake and onion rings and *got* them. And still waited. And we got pretty steamed since employees were carefully avoiding allowing anyone to catch their eye and find out where their order was. So I was ready to hate the place. But then our burgers arrived. I got the half-pound Buffalo burger and dressed it out just the way I like: plenty of onion, plus crisp lettuce and the salsa topping. And I took a bite. And. Wow. It just made me love Fuddruckers again. If you want FAST, then go to McDonalds. They're right next door. And to be fair, it was only about 30 minutes to get our food at Fuddrucker's - not really that long a wait if you're expecting it. And the TASTE was just wonderful - and well worth the wait. So. more
1719 Blanco Rd
San Antonio, TX 78212
(210) 732-3511
Tex-Mex style enchiladas smothered in homemade chili and loads of cheese are outstanding. Don't confuse this place with a lightweight like Alamo Cafe. And this place is NOT for the dieter or the health conscious. Great burgers. Get a side of beans or homemade fries. Reasonably priced beer, though they could stand to add a few selections. Appealing to a wide-ranging clientele. Hole-in-the-wall atmosphere. Exceptional music. Service is well-intentioned but can get bogged down on busy nights during the show. Worth going out of your way for. Closed on Mondays. more
502 Embassy Oaks
San Antonio, TX 78216
(210) 499-4647
Chester's Hamburger Co
1006 NE Loop 410
San Antonio, TX 78209
(210) 805-8600
The hamburgers, fries and onion rings are great but the wait is too long for hamburgers. The beer selection is great for someone who drinks beer but for those of us who do not drink beer it would be better to give free drink refills like most hamburger joints do. The atmosphere is good and the place is kept pretty clean almost all of the time. But the best place in Texas for hamburgers is at Culver's a fairly new restaurant on DeZavala Road across from the Post Office. They have the best food and customer service along with the cleanest store and the wait is not near as long as Chester's. You have not had a delicious juicy hamburger until you have tried Culver's. I would highly recommend it to anyone. The customer service is excellent and you get free refills on your drinks. The staff will even get you the refill so you do not have to get up and let your food get cold. Pros + Great food and beer selection. Cons - Food takes too long to prepare and no free refill on drinks. more
Tom The Greek Restaurant
2215 Harry Wurzbach Rd
San Antonio, TX 78209
(210) 821-6335
A friend and I decided to go to Tom?s on our lunch hour. Two other patrons arrived after us and then 15min later two more after them. The three tables (including my party) all ordered Gyro and Fries. The two tables that came in after us were served their meals before us. The entire restaurants drinks were refreshed with the exception of my friend and I. After 40min and still no gyro and Fried we were forced to leave. This would have been my first time eating at this restaurant (had I actually received my food) and after a very unpleasant experience it will also be my last. . Pros + Iced Tea was good. Cons - Service more
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