Where are the Best Places to Stay in Boracay, the Philippines?

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1 Answer

Boracay Island has several beaches, but the most popular one by far is the so-called White Beach or Front Beach. Stretching for approximately four kilometers, it has the greatest number of resorts and bars/restaurants. White Beach is divided into three sections: Boat Stations 1, 2, and 3. They are so called because ferries from the city of Caticlan used to dock at these stations. However, because of safety and environmental concerns, a jetty port was constructed a few years ago and this is where ferries going to and from the island now go. The Boat Station 1 area of enjoys the reputation of being the most upscale part of White Beach. Here you will find resorts that charge top dollar: five-star establishments that offer all the amenities, and then some. Moreover, this part of the beach is less crowded and has a finer sand quality. On weekends one can usually see fireworks displays from weddings held in the resorts in this area of White Beach. Boat Station 2 is known as the party place, ... more
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