Where are the jack points on the MGB?

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1 Answer

The original jack points are the little tubes below the doors on either side of the car. However I would NOT recommend using these, or the original jack, for a couple of reasons. One is the sills are often rusted out on MGBs and they might disintegrate under the presssure. The other reason is because it's not a great design and the jack could slip out, causing the car to fall. At best you've destroyed your door skin and paint job and at worst crushed your head while you're working on it. It's happened, unfortuately. To lift the front of the car, put a trolley jack under the front crossmember (the huge beam bolted under the engine that the suspension is attached to). For extra safety, position the "cup" on the jack at the rear edge of the crossmembers, so that as the car lifts, the edge will tend to locate itself in the gaps in the cup. Then place jack stands under the frame rails (raised box sections under the car, behind the engine, which run parallel to the transmission tunnel). If ... more
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