Where are unit price labels found in the grocery store?

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1 Answer

Unit price labels are usually found on the store shelves below each food item. A unit price makes it easier to compare prices to find the best buy. It also makes it easier to compare the cost on different size packages of the same food item. To better understand the parts of a unit price label, check out the Anatomy of a Unit Price Label article in this newsletter and the graphics in the .pdf version. Let’s do some shopping using the unit price label. Compare the unit price label information in the following two items. Look at the unit price. Snappy Rice Cereal costs 13 per ounce and Crunchy Rice Cereal cost 20 per ounce. That means if you buy Snappy Rice Cereal instead of Crunchy Rice Cereal, you will save 7 on each ounce of rice cereal. Therefore, Snappy Rice is the better buy or value. If Snappy Rice Cereal is the better buy, why does it cost more than Crunchy Rice Cereal? Even though the retail price of Snappy Rice Cereal is more that the retail price of Crunchy Rice Cereal, you ...
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