Where can I buy a Galvalume roof and how can I get a list of Galvalume roof suppliers for my area?

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1 Answer

The best way to buy a Galvalume steel roof is through the roof panel manufacturers. The major manufacturers have regional sales offices and manufacturing plants throughout North America. They also have qualified and affiliated contractors who are trained and approved to install their roof systems. It's important that only experienced and approved contractors be used to install Galvalume roof systems. The Galvalume Sheet Producers of North America, located in Vancouver, WA, can be contacted at 360-750-5791 to obtain this list of licensed manufacturers. Also, an online directory of Galvalume roof manufacturers, grouped by region, can be found by selecting the "Where to Buy" button located on the tool bar. Using a simple search engine, visitors can view and then print a list of manufacturers in their region who can, in turn, refer the visitor to an affiliated contractor. How do the costs of both new and retrofit low slope Galvalume standing seam roofs compare with traditional flat ...
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