Where can I buy European maps to add to my Nextar GPS unit?

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1 Answer

Unfortunately Nextar currently does not have any maps for Europe or European map updates. Q: Is there a particular manufacturer of the Micro SD cards that is recommended for use with the GPS units? A: Nextar recommends brand-name memory cards because the quality and stability can be ensured to work well with our product. Q: What is the optimal resolution of the display? A: If the display size is 4.3", the optimal resolution is 480X272 (RGB). If the display size is 3.5", the optimal resolution is 320X240 (RGB). Q: Can a GPS unit be attached to a snow mobile? A: It is not recommended due to possible water damage and un-stability of the unit. Q: Why do I sometimes find map errors in Nextar products? A: There are inevitably some road changes, as well as human error or subjectivity in the creation of a digital map. The maps must be constantly maintained to keep the level of error as low as possible. Nextar uses NAVTEQ maps, and we focus on supplying updated maps to our valuable customers. ... more
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