Where can I buy fireworks in California?

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1 Answer

I give you a star for this very important question! Caifornia is kinda tough on fireworks. You can't get the stuff you want in CA. I suggest a run into Nevada where you can get all the fireworks you want on Indian reservations to set off on those reservations where they are legal. ; ) Here is a partial list of phone numbers for you. You can get all you want in Nevada. I would go there and get fireworks for all my friends. Buy them at retail and mark them up 25% for your friends so you can make money on the deal and pay for your trip to boot! Have them give you $100.00 for example, and get them $75.00 worth of fireworks. It will pay for your trip and your risk. Get 10 friends to give you $100.00 each and you keep $250.00. 20 friends @ $100.00 each and you pocket $500.00! You will have money to hit the Casino too! Just don't blab it all over town that you are bringing illegal fireworks into the state! Set them off in Nevada at the reservations where they are legal! ; ) I hope this ... more
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