Where can I find a list of American companies doing business in Russia?

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1 Answer

Because of the significant growth in the number of U.S. companies active in Russia during recent years, as well as the advent of directories published by the private-sector, neither the US Consulate General in Vladivostok nor the US Embassy continue to maintain an in-house listing of American companies present in Russia. US companies/individuals are not obliged to register with the US Consulates or Embassy, although it is welcomed and advised. Persons seeking such listings may wish to consider purchasing the American Chamber of Commerce in Russia's annual Membership Directory (telephone: 7-095-961-2141; fax: 7-095-961-2142; or e-mail the American Chamber of Commerce in Russia) or DAKSI's "Handbook for Doing Business in Russia" (telephone: 7-095-365-4285; fax: 7-095-291-0469; e-mail DAKSI.
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