Where can I find additional press materials (analyst profiles, fact sheets, photos, logo, etc.)?


Email press@forrester.com for photo and logo requests. The following can be found on Forrester’s Web site: Forrester executive bios. Forrester analyst profiles. Forrester Corporate Fact Sheet. VideoViews and audio commentaries discussing ideas in newly published research. How can I be added to your media list? To subscribe to Forrester’s Weekly Media Update, please complete the brief questionnaire. If you have any questions about this process, please email us at press@forrester.com. How do I obtain a press pass to Forrester Events? Forrester Research welcomes members of the press to attend our Forums worldwide. To receive a complimentary press pass, you must be currently employed by an established news organization and provide at least one of the following press credentials: • A business card with your editorial title from an established publication including its Web site address (or an equivalent email autosignature). • Two copies of bylined articles printed from the publication or on

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