Where can I find my interview online? I heard someones interview online and I want to know where mine is?

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1 Answer

People who record do-it-yourself interviews may choose to post their interviews online to a site that is neither private nor protected, and has no guarantees for posterity. Interviews recorded as part of the StoryCorps project are available in perpetuity by visiting the Library of Congress in person; however, we do not yet have the proper capacity to make them available online. We are working very hard to make that possible in the coming years, and have just recently achieved another key step in being able to go online with the archive. We strongly encourage you to make copies of your interview for your friends and family, but StoryCorps discourages you from uploading your StoryCorps interview to the Internet, since we are not yet able to provide a secure environment that protects your privacy, our copyright, and other concerns, including site stability. With participants permission, StoryCorps does produce a small number of edited segments of StoryCorps-recorded interviews as ... more
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