where can I get a really cheap artificial christmas tree?

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I want a nice one just wanted to see if anyone knew a discount store they can be bought at for cheap online. Family is allergic to the real trees. I just don't want to spend all my money on a christmas tree, i'd rather buy presents. But I don't want an ugly one either. A: Really the best time to buy a nice tree for a fraction of the price is after Christmas. I bought two trees from K-mart on clearance after Christmas for $25.00 each. Both trees were $100.00 trees and when they went 75% off I bought one. I got both of them two different years. Last year at Wal-mart I got a 6 foot pre-lit tree that was originally $65.00 (I think) and I paid $14.00 for it. And one year I bought a two 6 foot trees for $5.00 each at K-mart. I gave one to my brother and sister in law who were just setting up house. If you have a tree for this year use it one more time and check the stores AFTER christmas. They start out with 25% off and each week they don't sell they will continue to mark them down. Don't ... more
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