Where can I locate madrona trees for sale or planting?

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You can purchase madrona trees at Ace Hardware in Anacortes. The plants are young and small, as madronas can be quite difficult to transpant. Becky Stinson, a veteran Master Gardener, manages the Ace Hardware nursery section and has developed a native plant section. She is very knowledgeable about native plants and would provide helpful information regarding transplanting madronas. I would also be glad to answer any further questions you might have. Sharon I love transparent sauce and deep-dish pie in early summer, so was really bummed when a school bus backed into my 15 year old tree last winter. Since then, we've looked for a new tree to buy, but would rather buy a producer than a small bare root. Any advice about where to look? Most local nurseries don't carry yellow transparents. I agree with you--transparent apples make the best applesauce and pies! Locally, and I'm making the assumption you are local, both Christianson's and Skagit Valley Gardens are stocking Yellow Transparent ... more
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