Where did classical music originate from?

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1 Answer

Classical music is a general term meaning the development of music in the western tradition over centuries. It started for all practical purposes in the middle ages In the Catholic church, from 200-1200. The church was the main source of developmental music. This is actually known today as ancient musical tradition. After that, the Renaissance from 1200-1590 afforded us with much of the true beginnings of modern music in the western tradition. A lot of it was vocal, accompanied by limited instruments in varied nature and limited development. The height of the Renaissance near the end, over the last 100 or so years, from 1500-1600, which is known as the high Renaissance,. The organ ( church -pipe variety) was the king of all instruments. The harpsichord was the parlor keyboard main instrument, accompanying singers and other Small ensembles. Monteverdi was the pinnacle composer in Italy, where the renaissance originated. The winds were things like Pre-trumpets, long straight brass ... more
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