Where did Daniel Boone die?

daniel boone die

THE IMMIGRATION OF GEORGE BOONE (page 6) 1. In what part of England did Boone and his family live? 2. In what ways did belonging to the Quaker faith cause the family problems in England? 3. Why was Boone attracted to Pennsylvania? 4. When did George Boone, his wife, Mary, and his six remaining children leave England? What was the voyage like? 5. Why did they finally settle in the township of Oley? 6. What event in 1728 caused problems between the Indians and the settlers? What did many of the Quakers do? 7. When was Daniel Boone born? 8. What skills did he acquire from the Indians who visited his grandfather’s farm? 9. What examples did George Boone set for his grandson? ELSEWHERE (page 10) 1. Who founded the Library Company of Philadelphia? What was the new and innovative idea behind this company? 2. What was the French role in North America in the early 1700s? What ended their dreams of an American empire? 3. Who was Joseph Priestley, and why did he come to America? REBECCA BOONE: FR