Where did Delaware come from?


Delaware was not originally a tiny sliver of a state. It was put in this dismal position by its founder Josiah Delaware in seventeen-something-something. As he was standing on the top of his sailing ship heading down a river he had just finished naming for himself he looked at the Delmarva Peninsula and decided it looked like a big fried chicken wing. He claimed the entire area between the Chesapeake Bay and the Delaware River to be know as Delaware and he decided to dedicate the land to chicken farming. Delaware is now only a small part of the peninsula now because during the revolution against England Josiah Delaware did nothing. When George Washington came to him and asked for his help crossing the Delaware River Josiah said “George, It’s Christmas, just calm down and have some chicken” Washington was displeased and when the war ended, much of Josiah’s land was given to Maryland and Virginia. When it came time to sign the Constitution Josiah was first in line to prevent his losing a