Where did modern Greeks come from?

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In part 2 of this series we established that prior to and during the creation of the Greek state in the early 1800s the majority of the population living on Greek lands was predominantly of Albanian, Vlach and Slav origin, which leads to the question "Where from and when did these Albanians, Vlachs and Slavs come to Greece and what happened to the indigenous population living on those lands?" Modern Greeks claim that they are the descendents of the so-called Ancient Greeks. Is this fact or fiction? We will begin the investigation with the "Popular Science Monthly" edited by J. McKeen Cattell, published in 1915. The Popular Science Monthly on page 41 reads: "Once Greece led the world in intellectual pursuits, in art, in poetry, in philosophy. A large and vital part of European culture is rooted directly in the language and thought of Athens. The most beautiful edifice in the world was the Peace Palace of the Parthenon, erected by Pericles, to celebrate the end of Greeces suicidal wars. ...
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