Where Did The Tarot Originate?

originate tarot

Ans. Pictures and drawings have been used by our ancestors since stone-age in order to understand and explain to each other. Tarot is again a translation of the pictures into a verbal form by someone who knows the art and is well versed with the cards and their meanings. The reader should not only have knowledge of the cards but should be intuitive as the cards have a different meaning for different individuals. Tarot was used in the Middle East since the 12th century and then came to Egypt. The oldest cards that exist are Italian cards from the 15th century. Does Tarot Decide Fate? Ans. Tarot does not decide our fate and is not the last word on what is the outcome of any situation. Tarot describes the general situation that the inquirer is going through and gives him/her a path so that the best result can be obtained. Once you know what the problem is, it is easy to find a way out of difficult situations. Is It Easy To Learn Tarot? Ans. Learning the tarot is not difficult. Besides giv