Where do hornets go in the cold weather?

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1 Answer

All summer the hornets zoom through the greenery, especially in flowery gardens. These overgrown wasps are handsome insects, snappily dressed in velvety stripes of brown and yellow. But they are bad tempered bugs, always eager to sting both friends and enemies. Come fall, most of us are glad to see them depart from the scene. The Chinese claim to have invented paper. But if hornets studied human affairs, they would laugh at this notion. For they invented paper making long before the human family came to dwell on this luxurious planet. They are, of course, social insects who live in hive communities somewhat like their smaller and more popular cousins, the honeybees. However, the honeybee hive is built of waxy combs and weather¬proofed with durable glue. It survives from season to season and so does the colony of honeybees. Hornets build their nests of paper made from chewed wood pulp. They inhabit it through only one summer and only one member of the family community survives to see ... more
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