live Pigeons

A. Feral Pigeons (Columbia livia) are most densely populated in the urban areas of the UK. Pigeons flock to cities because they have become highly dependent on humans for their feeding and roosting survival. Most feral pigeons have very little fear of humans. Parks, buildings, bridges, disused buildings and other structures provide a perfect habitat for feral pigeons. A pigeon nest found in a steeple, attic or loft will probably be made of twigs, grass, cable and sticks. Any place that provides food and shelter for a pigeon will be attractive as a new home. Problem is, many of our homes and offices offer both needs for the pigeons. Pigeon Solutions knows how best to remove the pigeons and how to apply the best prevention techniques. Pigeons are drawn to landfills and takeaway restaurants where there is littering. Pigeons like to be high up, whilst high, they can see predators below. But, they also want to be protected from above. So, ledges, attics, soffit areas, I-beams, and any other