Where do Ruptures and Dehiscence Occur?

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1 Answer

A rupture can occur anywhere on the uterus. The two most common sites are where there is an old scar or at the line where the lower segment joins the upper segment. Just because a woman has had a previous csec does not mean she will rupture at the site of the scar. In one study (ref 23) only 68% of women with ruptures ruptured at the site of their previous scar. When do Ruptures Occur? Ruptures can occur before or during labour. The statistics for this are quite divergent. In one study (ref 4) they indicated that 10% of ruptures occurred before labour commenced. In ref 10 they quote a study in which 23% of ruptures occurred before labour started and they quote the American College of Gynaecologist who state the rate is as high as 50%. What happens if there is a Rupture or Dehiscence? If a dehiscence occurs usually nothing happens. The majority of them are found after successful vaginal birth when the doctor feels inside the uterus (not a common practice any more and it is not ...
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