Where do tapeworms come from?

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Primarily, tapeworms come from fleas. Since fleas are the intermediate host of Dipylidium caninum, the most common species of tapeworm, pet owners should be on the lookout for flea infestations. Dipylidium caninum, as an adult tapeworm, attaches to the walls of the small intestine. As the tapeworm matures, the egg-engorged segments — proglottids — break off. Thus begins a new life cycle. As the proglottids are passed by the pet and rupture, egg packets are released into all areas of the pet’s environment. Flea larvae, which also are present, eat the individual tapeworm eggs. These eggs hatch and larvae grow within the flea. When fleas mature into adults, they jump onto their pet hosts for a blood meal. During normal grooming, the host pet ingests all or parts of fleas, and the tapeworm larvae present are released and mature in the pet’s small intestine. This entry was posted on Friday, June 12th, 2009 at 9:33 am and is filed under Fleas, dog worm, tape worm cats, tapeworm information. ... more
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fleas. they are eaten by animals cleaning themselves, the flea eggs hatch in the ideal warm intestinal tract of animals, continue to grow, fall out of the anus as "rice" looking granules, the rice shed eggs of more tape worms, and the fleas eat the eggs, the animals (pets) eat the fleas, etc. As far as in humans- it wouldn't be hard at all to eat a flea and contract a tapeworm, you could be asleep or completely unaware. The easiest way is to control the flea stage of the infection- advantage, frontline, or any of the other flea control medication available. Tapeworms are progressively harmful, so if this is a new development, there is some time available to you before human medical help is absolutely necessary. more
Tapeworm eggs are released from the segments that are passed in the stool. The eggs are then eaten by an intermediate host such as fleas, lice or small rodents, which in turn can be ingested by our pets. The worms attach themselves to the wall of the intestine, where they continue to grow. Can people and other pets become infected? Tapeworms do not pass directly from pet to pet, or directly to humans, but require and intermediate host. Other pets and people and become infected in they ingest an intermediate host. Clinical signs and symptoms Tapeworms do not often cause symptoms, but can cause digestive upsets, poor skin and hair coat and weight loss. Diagnosis Diagnosis is usually made by finding the tapeworm segments in the stool or near the anus of a dog or cat. The segments will move if recently passed, or will look like grains of rice if they are dried. Eggs are not always seen in fecal tests. Treatment Treatment consists of oral medication available from your veterinarian. ...
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