Where do want to travel?

Abdelhakim Zroudi

If u have a chance!

Maxim Bessmertniy

There are many places I would like to visit. But the first country I would go to if I had a chance is Japan. Having read a Lonely Planet giude about this country https://travelsites.com/lonely-planet-japan/, I decided that I should visit it for sure. This is a very beautiful place with a rich history and many wonderful sight-seeings.


It is best to plan your trip to the place that you have long wanted to visit. I, for example, am going on a road trip to the United States. I already planned the trip with check-distance.com to find out the distance and fuel costs.

Tim Frost Tim Frost edited answer

Traveling is necessary with comfort. Plan so that you do not interfere. In this article, you can find how a journey influences women’s health https://flo.health/menstrual-cycle/health/period/travelling-on-your-period

AnnetFowler Kallykally777@gmail.com

I would like to travel to Europe, mostly Ukraine and to visit Kyiv. I’ve already been to Russia and planning to see the other post-Soviet country. My friend was there and used to rent a car https://ukr-prokat.com/en/rental-cars/rent-a-car-in-kiev to travel across the country and the city, because it’s better to have something that can get you in any corner of the city.

Anny Key

Of course I would like to visit many countries, but I don’t have so much money. So I chose to go to Rome. By the way, I managed to find a very useful blog with recommendations https://rome.us/how-to-get/from-fiumicino-airport-to-city-center.html about how the most profitable and convenient way to get from the airport to the center of Rome. I am sure that this will be useful to many.