Where Do Wolfberries Grow?


Although they grow in many countries, they prefer hot, humid summers that are longer than those in the West. At the same time, Wolfberry plants thrive best when there is a biting cold winter so the plants have a deeper dormancy (rest). Because of the drastic climate changes needed for the plants to grow at their best, there are few places they can be sucessfully grown. As a result, most of the world’s Goji berries are grown in the Tibet or Himalaya Mountain regions. How Are Wolfberries Eaten? Today, especially in North America, Goji berries are mostly eaten as a dried fruit. However around the world they are added to soupls, rice congee and vegetable dishes including wild yams and licorice roots. The Wolfberry is usually cooked with pork or chicken, if a meat is used. Young wolfberry plant leaves are cooked as a green vegetable as we might cook collards or spinach. Bloodborne pathogens dvd Wolfberry is also brewed as a tea, often with chrysanthemum flowers and/or red jujubes.