Where does Chondroitin Sulfate come from?

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1 Answer

Chondroitin Sulfate comes from two main sources: • the bovine source (cattle), where the chondroitin is usually taken from the cattle's trachea • the marine source, with the chondroitin typically sourced from shark cartilage. Good quality manufacturers will state on their packaging what type of chondroitin is used in their products. This is most important to people who have strong views over the type of chondroitin they use. For example, some may be happy to use supplements derived from shark cartilage but will not be willing to use supplements made from cow by-products - or vice-versa. In fact, the source of any dietary supplement should be one of your prime consideration. If you do not wish to use either animal or marine products to relieve your arthritis pain you may wish to try organic rosehip supplements, which offer a natural herbal alternative. more
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