Where I can see examples of tiny house?

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Moghul Kahn Posted

Where I can see examples of tiny house? We want to buy one for our family. Do you have some?

Maxim Bessmertniy

You can use https://fodyo.com/. This marketplace has its own database with information of real estate around the world. Also it is possible to do a search using a map or exact address. I’m sure, you’ll find a great amount of examples there.

Serj Jemass

Look such examples on pinterest or flikr websites.

Jack Evance

Yes, we have such one house and it is awesome. I recommend not to buy ready-made tiny house, but to build it. You will beĀ able to create a unique home and implement your many design ideas. Living in such house much more inexpensive than in larger houses. Check this website to see many models with full description and prices. This company has big experience in this direction, so I recommend to work with it.