Where is Gallbladder Pain Felt?

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Gallbladder pain is centered at the right upper abdomen, where the gallbladder is located, and radiates towards the entire right side of the body. The right shoulder, and upper right back will feel sore and restless as the pain moves to these parts of the body. It is important to soothe the pain since it can stress out a pregnant woman causing stress to the fetus. document.getElementById('adsense_placeholder_2').innerHTML = document.getElementById('adsense_ad_2_hidden').innerHTML; Avoid Eating Fatty and Acidic Foods Just the smell of fatty foods like steaks, hamburgers, and bacon will be enough to make the gallbladder act up. The gallbladder's purpose is to aid the liver in digesting fat. If the liver doesn't have to work as hard, then the gallbladder isn't called upon for help. Also avoid eating acidic and spicy foods like lemons and peppers which are actually used as a home-remedy to pass stones. Stick to an ultra-low-fat diet to avoid gallbladder flare ups. Use Heat to Soothe ... more
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