Where Is Starter Athletic Wear?

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1 Answer

You may have difficulty locating the Starter Athletic Wear website or finding out company information about Starter. However, the the Starter Athletic – website can be found at Starter.com. The company information reveals the origins of Starter, going back to 1971 in which the company marketed sports clothing with a pop culture sensibility. The 80's and 90's were times of tremendous growth as the company formed partnerships with sports organizations and continued to expand globally. But what has been happened with Starter Athletic Wear in recent times? Just recently, Nike has acquired the Starter Athletic Apparel company for a little over $42 million dollars and gained the company's rights and merchandise. Exeter Brands of the Nike giant will be operated the remains of Starter, including the Shaq and Dunkman brands. The purchase allows Nike to have discount brands in Wal-Mart and K-Mart caliber stores for the first time. Nike is very easy to find online and its website will probably ...
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