Where is the Best Dim Sum in Seattle, Washington?

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House Of Hong Restaurant
409 Eighth Ave S
Seattle, WA 98104
(206) 622-7997
We went for dim sum and here were the highlights. Yes, we got some tasty food right away but our vegetarian friends had few options with dim and requested a menu. They were told to ask the waiter. When he finally came by, he flung the menu at my friend then stormed off. We eventually were able to flag him down once again to have him take our order. After being ignored by the staff for about 1/2 hour after we finished our food, my husband took the bill up front to pay. Our waiter began yelling at us, as if we were skipping out on our bill, because he hadn't yet totaled it. I told him my husband had the bill up front and I would get it. He then got other staff around who were screaming at us as well. I understand there may be language or cultural issues at play in this scenario but I have been to many restaurants in other countries where I don't speak the language or the staff doesn't speak mine and we manage to get through without a major scene. After our shabby treatment today, we wil more
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New China Gate
516 7th Ave S
Seattle, WA 98104
(206) 624-1730
When I started going to China Gate for dim sum 5 years ago, it was great: yummy food, friendly service, good prices. The last two times I went, I was grossly overcharged, one time had to wait at my table more than an hour to get the basic dim sum items (ha gow, cha shu bow) - while they were being served in the other aisle! - while repeatedly being offered chicken feet and steamed broccoli, and was treated rudely by most of the staff. It seemed there was a middle-aged woman running the operation, whom I hadn't seen before. I imagine she has taken over management of the place and doesn't like white folks, or something, but I will not go there any more for dim sum. There are lots of places in the ID to get it, and I don't need to pay way too much money to be mistreated and not get to eat. Pros + the dim sum is good, if you can get them to serve it to you Cons - seems to recently be anti-non-chinese: poor service, overcharged more
Noble Court Restaurant
1644 140th Ave NE
Bellevue, WA 98005
(425) 641-6011
My family and I have been going to Noble Court for a couple years ago and its been consistently wonderful. The restaurant is always efficient clean personable and has great food.The dim sum selection is great. I love that most of ladies pushing the carts speak English that makes it SO much easier to find what youre looking for.Its a fun place to go with a group of people because then you can try so many different things. more
Jumbo Chinese Restaurant
4208 Rainier Ave S
Seattle, WA 98118
(206) 760-9200
flagrant msg a problem, ruined mixed vegetables, lobster with scallion and ginger. theyll omit it if asked. salt and pepper prawns, hot pots pleased... more
Ocean City Restaurant & Night
609 S Weller St
Seattle, WA 98104
(206) 623-2333
Summary: Food was good, but the customer experience was lacking. We went for the $8.95 "all you can eat" dim sum buffet. We were surprised by a fairly aggressive insistence that we pay first (I'm fine with paying first, but the request was very brusque), and that we had to be given a ticket to hand to the waitress who seated us (3 feet from where we'd just paid). The food was tasty, with nothing obvious to complain about, but above the buffet line was a sign informing us (roughly), "Do not waste food. $5.00 per plate charge." The table service (tea, water) was prompt and courteous. Our overall impression was that of decent food and hostile customer relations. Given the apparently stingy mindset of the management, I'm forced to wonder what corners get cut in the kitchen? For my money, Duk Li (across the street) is better value, better customer experience. Pros + Food Cons - Attitude more
Imperial Garden Seafood Rstrnt
18230 E Valley Hwy Ste 116
Kent, WA 98032
(425) 656-0999
I wanted to find another place to have Dim Sum since I only know those in Seattle. It is a bit far to drive from where I live in Puyallup. So we went. The initial service was really quick. Food started to come out. After may be about 6 to 8 different dishes, we started to see a lot of repeats. They don't usually serve all their selections, especially those ala cart orders early. So if you like verities, be there about regular lunch or dinner time. Yes it might be crowded but that is how it goes. The quality of food is definitely there. We ordered a lot of things made of prawns and pork. They are very close to the authentic dishes. Food: Good. Delicious and fresh. Just not that many selections depending on the time of day. Service: Moderate (they were very slow in filling our glass with water and replacing our tea – there were many people just standing around) Speed: Good. However, many items came out very slow and at the end of our dinning. Price: Moderate. Ranging from $3+ and up. more
Honey Court Seafood Restaurant
516 Maynard Ave S
Seattle, WA 98104
(206) 292-8828
Definitely authentic--I grew up in Hong Kong and have been looking for a REAL Chinese restaurant for a while now. My search is finally over. Lots of food for not alot of money. The dim sum is great and those honey walnut prawns are to die for. They were invented here--often imitated but never duplicated. They redecorated with deep reds, oranges and yellows. A very warm, hip, belltown feel now. Much better than the purple ocean thing before. This place gets packed after hours on the weekends but it's open till 3:30am so there's plenty of time to mellow out after a night at the clubs. Pros + The FOOD!!, Decor, The FOOD! Cons - parking is hard in ID more
Top Gun Seafood Restaurant
12450 SE 38th St
Bellevue, WA 98006
(425) 641-3386
This place is always hopping on the weekends. Better to get there when they open or you will face a long wait. Bathrooms are ....dirty..with paper towels overflowing the receptacles. Service is a bit rude too. You get that "rushed" feeling when you go here. It's "Wham, Bam, Thank you paying customer". However, the wait staff is pretty nice--the hostess needs lessons on "hospitality". The most irritating thing is, the do not show the prices on their Dim Sum checks, like you would see at some other restaurants. So, always ask! Another great place is called Chinese Seafood Restaurant in the Renton Highlands. Pros + Food Cons - Parking is horrible more
O'Asian Kitchen
800 5th Ave # 1
Seattle, WA 98104
(206) 264-1789
We decided to try O'Asian for dim sum on a Sunday afternoon. After looking at their online menu and enticed by the free parking, we were off! The location is easy to find and the elevator is quick to take you up to the restaurant. There weren't many people waiting and a fair amount of people already seated. We were seated promptly and tea and water soon followed. The carts were well stocked with all the popular dim sum items like baked hom bow, which seems to run out fast at the other dim sum restaurants. The waitstaff is very attentive and we didn't have to wait long for anything. I recommend this place over any place in Chinatown. It is unrushed and less conjested than other places in chinatown. The food is freshly served and there is something for everyone! Pros + free parking on the weekends Cons - little dark (lighting) for the day time more
Jade Garden
424 Seventh Ave S
Seattle, WA 98104
(206) 622-8181
I?ve eaten here dozens of times; most of them were after late nights of getting wasted. Like a few other China Town restaurants this place is open very late on Fridays and Saturdays until 4 or 5AM. The service is typical for Chinatown (inattentive to so-so). The environment is average, and can get a little messy with all the crowds flowing through. Afternoon dim sum review: I?ve also eaten here a couple times for dim sum, and I was very much impressed. The quality and quantity of the dim sum has been outstanding. Expect good-sized portions of chicken feet, tripe, and beef noodles. The shumai is always a winner. The staff is very busy cleaning and serving during the afternoon time. I plan to return for dim sum soon! Midnight eating review: One time while being plated, a piece of chicken fell onto the table. The waiter just picked it up and tossed it back on the plate. The dish tasted like something was horribly wrong, so we asked him to take it away. We got charged for it, more
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