Where is the Best Eyebrow Threading & Shaping in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania?

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5 Answers

Salon Vanity
1701 Walnut St 3rd Fl
Philadelphia, PA 19103
(215) 925-2211
I searched all over this city for a good hairdresser - and finally gave up and found someone reasonable and good in NYC - but he retired! I tried someone at a salon around 8th & Walnut and received the worst haircut in my whole life! I searched the internet and decided to try Edmondo Blando (Eddie) at Salon Vanity. My hair is fine and must be cut well - cut in the way that it falls naturally - not into some shape from a magazine. I live and die by the cut! I have now been twice to see Eddie and am very pleased with the haircuts that he has given me. I especially like that he uses a technique whereby he cuts my hair "dry." It seems to make a big difference. I had actually heard of this technique and was considering traveling to NYC again to try a hairdresser who "cuts dry." But I then found out that this is how Eddie cuts hair (I believe following the techniques of the internationally known Swiss hairdresser Mike Karg). My hair feels and looks natural and grows in nicely and I more
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Anju Threads
264 S. 10th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107
(215) 592-1801
Anjuthreads is the perfect place for someone who is trying threading for the first time. The salon is small and not at all intimidating; Anju is very personable and explains what she is doing step by step. The threading itself is so much better than waxing...I have sensitive skin and every time I got waxed I left the salon with bright red eyebrows and upper lip. I always felt tlike I was wearing a sign on my face that said "I have a mustache!" Then inevitably 2 days later I would break out - no matter what I tried to prevent it. The threading just left my skin clean and smooth - no redness, no breakout. She is even able to get the little baby hairs that you can't get with wax. Plus, the prices are very reasonable. All in all it was a great experience - I will continue to go to Anjuthreads for a long time. Pros + Great service, central location Cons - none more
Salon Thalia
601 Walnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19106
(215) 625-0900
I have been meaning to write this review for over a month now - I visited Salon Thalia on October 24th and got a cut from Travis. My hair looks excellent - every time I blowdry it, I'm surprised by how well the cut has kept up (including the side-swept bangs, which Travis volunteered to trim between cuts for free). Travis is an enormously talented, professional, and attentive stylist. He is very passionate about his work and about performing exceptional service for his clients. The layers he cut fell beautifully on that day and continue to look perfect despite my less-than-perfect blow-drying abilities. I also had fun while at Salon Thalia - Travis taught me lots about my hair (and hair in general) and we chatted as if we had known each other for years. Pros + Good ambiance, Central location, Talented Stylists Cons - Price (but I think it's generally a good value) more
Eviama Life Spa
262 S 16th St
Philadelphia, PA 19102
(215) 545-3344
Alright, my friends. I have horrible, horrible skin. I mean, giant-quarter sized breakouts that stayed on my face for a month or more. Back in July, I heard about Eviama through my therapist, and so I decided to try it out. I went and got a Dr. Hauschka corrective facial with Penny, who is clearly a supreme goddess of skin knowledge. I have always been fighting my skin, but Penny gently let me know that my skin knows best, and instead of fighting it, why not try working with it? SO after the facial, my skin started clearing up (with the help of the Dr. H cleansing cream, toner and rejuvenating mask). After one more corrective facial in August, my skin cleared up completely and has STAYED that way! YES! I feel way more confident about myself, I don't feel like I am always hiding behind my hands so people can't see my face. Of course, I still get a teeny, tiny little blemish every great once in a while (no one is perfect), but that's about the extent of my breakouts. My skin is glowy, more
Terme di Aroma
32 N Third St
Philadelphia, PA 19106
(215) 829-9769
After a few urging and coaxing from a lot of my friends, I finally gave in and made an appointment for a massage at Terme Di Aroma. I blame myself for not going right away. I didn't know what I was missing all these months! As soon as I walked in, I was impressed by the set up of the spa. It was very classy and it had immediately given me a comfortable feeling that I'm going to get my money's worth! The interior was designed tastefully, it was very obvious that the owner had invested so much to make such impression. The staff were very warm, cheerful and accommodating. Maria welcomed me with such a sweet smile that made me feel at home. The lounge room was very comfortable, quiet and relaxing. My therapist (Beth) knew exactly what I wanted done without me having to elaborate. When I was done with my massage, I looked around and checked their products. Maria was very helpful and knowledgable about the products and was very patient with every question I had. When I left the s more

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