Where is the Best Haircut in Fort Collins, Colorado?

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Tuana Hair Design
818 S College
Fort Collins, CO 80524
(970) 472-0522
Mandi did an amazing job on my hair! I was passing through Fort Collins and wanted to go blonde for the first time ever. I am very protective of my hair and was as skeptical as I usually am when entering an unfamiliar salon. Kasim (the owner) saw to it that my wishes were understood, and he entrusted me to Mandi who definitely proved herself very experienced (not to mention her very friendly and personable attitude). Infact, everybody there seemed to know what they were doing although I can only account for Mandi. She never did anything different without asking me first, and my hair turned out just the way I had described it to her. She is very skilled with her hands, has a "perceptive eye", and takes pride in her work. It took a few hours, but I had a lot done. For all that I had done, the prices were very reasonable and comparable. (We made it to our concert in Denver on time) Pros + cute, happy upbeat atmosphere, more
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Enchante A European Salon
548 N Lincoln Ave
Loveland, CO 80537
(970) 461-3669
I moved to Loveland a few months ago from Florida, where I regularly spent +$75 for a haircut, so perhaps my perspective is skewed, but I had the best haircut I've had in years last week from Murat and just had to write about it. He knew exactly what to do with my wavy-in-back, straight-in-front hair type and was creative about creating a layered look for me that was not an extreme departure from my normal preferences. Everyone at the salon was very pleasant - no snobs here! - and the setting was relaxed and comfortable. Murat is a true professional. I will definitely go back and am happy to have found a place in Loveland that I feel I can rely on. Pros + Great customer service,trendy,price more

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