Where is the Best Haircut in Nashville, Tennessee?

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J Bangs Salon
4117 Hillsboro Pike Ste 200
Nashville, TN 37215
(615) 383-6853
This salon is my FAVORITE salon in Nashville Period! From the moment you walk into the salon you will notice that the atmosphere is very inviting. It feels like you are in a neatly placed nest perched high above green hills. Lots of natural light and elements surround you during your experience. They have excellent taste in decor and music. Plus you have amazing seasoned professional stylists with positive attitudes that surround you. Also I love the fact that Julie the owner always takes the time to stop and say hello. She always has a smile on her face. Not to mention I LOVE the Paul Mitchell Products they use. Oh and lets not forget the amazing rinsing bowls. WOW! After having my hair worked with for many many years the first thing I noticed was the head rest inside the rinsing bowls. This is really a jewel if you tend to have a sore neck / shoulders like I do. You can actually relax while getting your hair washed or colored. What a concept!!! LOVE it. Be sure to ask more
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True Blue Salon
2817 West End Ave.
Suite 109, Nashville, TN 37203
(615) 329-4454
I have been going to Brandy White at tru Blue for about 2 years and really like the way she cuts and colours my hair. We change it up a little everytime I go and I have am always really happy with the results. Infact I always like it even more after a coupe of weeks and the cuts do grow out well. Brandy is really versatile and has done my "wedding hair" which was blondey romantic curly updo, through to a dark 'euro" looking cut with blunt fringe etc, and lots inbetween. When Brandy did my hair for my wedding, and I really loved it, had tonnes of compliments and recommend her to the max for your big day! My bridesmaids got their hair done there too by other stylist - their updo's were ok, but just ok. Everyone else probably thought they were great but I was the bride and was picky! I had intended to get my makeup done there for my wedding but decided against it having had a rushed trial makeover. Two of my friends also go to Brandy and love her. One of them recently tried to save some more
Salon Vip
1479 N Mount Juliet Rd
Mount Juliet, TN 37122
(615) 758-4282
Im sorry to say that Salon VIP has closed. Owner Jennie now works at Aqua Bella in Mt Juliet. Rachael works at The Green Door in Mt Juliet and Eric the Barber now works at No Limits Salon in Nashville. Thank you everyone who helped make us the Best of citysearch! Please follow us to our new locations. more
Pink Mullet Salon
4091 Mallory Ln
Franklin, TN 37067
(615) 790-8443
I have been to Pink Mullet twice now, and I really liked the salon, but the reason I will continue to go back is my stylist, Ryan. The first time I went in, my naturally very dark hair was bleached a platinum blonde. It usually took a dual process to lighten my roots without them looking brassy, but Ryan was able to lift them perfectly without leaving any gold, saving me time and money. He also knew a little trick of adding a certain substance (I'll save that secret for him) to the bleach so that the usually painful process was completely comfortable---I didn't feel a thing on my scalp. The second time I went in I decided to get rid of the platinum and go for something a little more natural looking, but I didn't want to lose the blonde completely. Ryan suggested doing an ombre technique which keeps the hair a little darker toward the roots and then gradually and subtly gets lighter toward the ends. The result was a beautiful, rich, natural-looking blonde that I absolutely LOVE. more
Breon Hair Salon
2115 Elm Hill Pike
Nashville, TN 37210
(615) 889-9975
I've visited many salons over there year (including Franklin, Green Hill) and I always budget for my hair & don't like to pay a fortune because my hair grows so fast and upkeep can be costly.. Breon provided EXCELLENT service, the staff was sooo friendly, and starting from asking if I wanted something to drink (brought water in a glass), to the incredible shampoo with scalp massage), the foot pedals at the sink so your feet don't hang when your trying to lean back (i'm short), & the Trained hair artists.. their time to Consult with you and really seem to care about doing your hair right and get things the way you want them... I was IMPRESSED.. Especially in the Donelson/airport area its hard to find a salon that offers an upscale environment and pampers you at a price that won't break the bank. I had Hair color correction, so alot to do - treatment, bleaching, toner, conditioning, cut and style.. I left very happy with my hair. ASK FOR AMY!! and Ronnie & Breon are both super nice as w more
Altra Salon
936 Woodland St
Nashville, TN 37206
(615) 228-6880
Dick Martin has been my hairstylist for many years. He is an exceptional stylist and colorist. I highly recommend his services. I am very pleased with the results from my visit today! He gave me a great cut that added much needed body and fullness to my fine, limp hair. He also gave me beautiful blonde highlights that make my hair shine again. I haven't been this satisfied with my hair in a very long time. I lost contact with Dick for a couple of years. Thankfully, I recently found him at this salon and returned today. Dick listens and offers solutions, from styling to hair products. He has the experience you're looking for in a colorist! Also, I feel very comfortable in this quaint salon conveniently located near downtown. It's easily accessible from anywhere in the city. They also have an excellent line of products including Morrocan Oil, my favorite product! Thanks, Dick Martin! I'll see you in 7 weeks! Pros + Dick Martin, convenient, great selection of products C more
Fresh Salon
1219 17th Ave S Ste 1
Nashville, TN 37212
(615) 739-5614
Fresh salon is the perfect place to get your hair done. You dont have the old ladies that pull out half of your hair and hurt your head against the sink while digging holes in your head with their fake nails, but instead you have cute young girls that talk to you, make you feel comfortable, and make you look so much better! I am 18 years old and i am super picky. I would never pick another place to get my hair done and neither would my Friends!! i love Addy ! Pros + everyone is so kind and your hair always looks awesome Cons - none more
David Bishop Salon
7091 Old Harding Rd
Nashville, TN 37221
(615) 662-4040
Have you ever gone to a hairdresser and after a few months or years had to change and find a new one to get what you wanted? Well I used to be like that until I found David Bishop! I came, I visited, I stayed. I even followed David when he moved, and the new location is in a more intimate setting with lots more parking available. David is a Master Stylist and gives incredible hair-cuts. Although I love my natural platinum grey hair color, I have seen his work with colors and perms and he does a great job and is very particular. His wife Sandy works besides David and they make sure everyone feels welcomed, they listen to you when you describe what type of service or cut you want, and they follow through on their promises. This is a full service spa, and Sandy gives the best massages ever!! David and Sandy know the meaning of Southern Hospitality and they will give you the special treatment that makes you feel like you are their most important customer! If you want quality se more
2700 Greystone Rd.
Nashville, TN 37204
(615) 463-3050
I visited Imagine Design Salon recently and had a GREAT experience. From the second you walk in the door Gene is there to greet you and make you laugh. If he washes your hair, you are in luck. The best I've ever had! And he keeps you laughing too. The salon itself is absolutly adorable, very hip decor and very comfortable fixtures. It's obvious they spent alot of time and effort on the design. Amber is my stylist and I love her style. What so interesting to me is that she can style hair for a very diverse group. Let me put it this way, she is my stylist and my mom's stylist. Unlike other salons where you feel rushed, this group really takes their time with everything they do. You definately get what you pay for! I think Amber cuts every hair on my head, twice! Then she really takes her time when drying and styling. That style lasts a couple of days, which makes my life way easier! I also learn alot from watching her and since she is not rushing that helps me duplicate th more
Aura Salon
718 Thompson Ln Ste 102
Nashville, TN 37204
(615) 777-2872
Jeanna has been my hair stylist since before my kids were born. I can recall getting haircuts and perms from her in her apartment kitchen. But that was then and now that my kids are grown and have their own kids, Jeanna is STILL my hair stylist. I have followed her from salon to salon only to see her follow her dream of owning her own salon. The attention to every detail of the salon is indicative of the way she treats each and every person who walks through her door. Personal service that is second to none is what keeps customers returning to Aura. Listen, I've tried other hair stylists along the way and NEVER have I come out looking and feeling as wonderful as I do when I visit Aura. I always felt like I was cheating on Jeanna when I did that. I can't remember the last time that has happened because I am totally committed to Jeanna and her staff at Aura. I tell all my friends it's like she just knows what kind of hairstyle you need just by looking at you and talking with you more

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