Where is the Best Haircut in Providence, Rhode Island?

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3 Answers

The W Salon
713 Westminster St
Providence, RI 02903
(401) 421-8439
I went to the w salon thinking i was going to end up paying alot of money, I thought it would come out to about $200 but i was wrong. First of all they have a coupon on this site for 20% off all first time clients services. I got a highlight and a cut for 130 with the coupon I only paid 112. Highlighting is expensive, but i got it done somewhere else for for 90, I would rather pay the extra money to go here instead. They were all very nice talked to you ask you how and what your doing. when he asked me how i wanted to cut my hair i only had to tell him i still wanted it long but i need it evened out and i want it to look diferent. it came out beautiful. it frames my face beautifuly. and they blowd dry it straight for you and style it, the best part is how much you spend you get points so i can already get a free eye brow waxing. this place is great I LOVED it! Pros + came out beautiful Cons - nothing more
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Salon Bianco
423 Atwells Ave
Providence, RI 02909
(401) 331-8099
I finally found the hairstylist that colors and cuts my hair exactly the way I want. Beth, the master colorist and stylist and also new owner of Salon Bianco has been cutting and coloring my hair for about a year now. I was so pleased when I found out that she finally opened her own place. The first time I went to her was for correctional color. My hair had gone from bleached blonde to black and back to brown in a matter of two days. I was so unhappy with the color and especially the condition of my hair that i was scared to even go back to another salon. I found Beth at a salon and learned that she was a very experienced colorist so I put my trust in her hands. Given that the condition of my hair was so bad, it was actually a miracle what she did for me. She took my hair from a burnt out mess to something bouncy and healthy again. She gave me a healthy cut and even got my hair back to a pretty shade of blonde again. Ever since then I felt a sense of relief that I finally found a ... more
Envy Beauty Center & Day Spa
1401 Douglas Ave
North Providence, RI 02904
(401) 354-7400
Well ,this is a first for me. I have never been so impressed by someone to write a review about them.But after a year with Lynn she is deserving of this. I am 52 years young and I was so tired of finding a stylist that could cut but not color, color but not cut,or did hair great the first time but lost interest and became lazy once you became a regular. Now that almost a year has past I can honestly say that Lynn is fantastic! It all started when I received a bad haircut and no one could see the problem,they would just say to grow it out. I found this site and saw the good reviews more

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