Where is the Best Haircut in Spokane, Washington?

best haircut Spokane Washington

Where is the Best Haircut in Spokane, Washington?

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I met Michael in the fall of 2008 at another salon where I have had my nails done for over 23 years now. I gave up on salon color, cut and style many years ago due to expense and inability to get in when I needed to. During the final stages of my divorce last year, weeks before signing away an 20 yr marriage, that completely turned my life upside down, Michael came along. One day he asked if he could style my hair for me. My hair is long and naturally wavy-curly. I said, “Sure, Why not?” With a round brush and some magic, he transformed me into someone new! I know it sounds crazy, but he changed my life. He will read this and think I am just a silly girl, but its true. I have never felt better about myself than with the new hairstyle, and now color and highlights and cut too! He listens to what I say, we work together and I leave feeling like a million dollars. I have never had so many compliments about my hair, my look, in my entire life. Yes, some of that is that I keep fi

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