Where is the Best Lingerie in Chicago, Illinois?

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Victoria's Secret
830 N Michigan Ave
Chicago, IL 60611
(312) 664-2711
This Victoria's Secret is one of the nicest locations around. There are two stories; lingerie and the Pink line are downstairs, whereas beauty and panty are upstairs. This is a fun store to check out and I always enjoy coming here. On my last and most recent visit actually, I wasn't too pleased with my service. I was shopping in the Pink section and I needed help. There was another customer in the pink section that was making a mess out of everything. A Victoria's Secret employee acknowledged her and they where going back and fourth. All the other employees where standing there staring. I clearly needed help and no one bothered to ask me. After waiting patiently I asked the lady who acknowledged the messy customer and she responded very rudely and vulgarly. So I just left the store. How tacky. I will continue to shop there but that was just horrible. Im over it. For future reference, If anyone plans on shopping at this location and thinks they're going to need help, go to an employee more
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Enchante Inc
900 N Michigan Ave Ste 3
Chicago, IL 60611
(312) 951-7290
Isabella Fine Lingerie
1101 W Webster Ave
Chicago, IL 60614
(773) 281-2352
Lauren and Alyssa make every single shopping experience a joy... they are superior when it comes to finding the "perfect" fit and making one feel comfortable with their shape!!! Some Items may be a bit pricey... but you are paying for high quality items and it's worth the $$$$! The customer service and personal attention that they provide is unbelievable. They will order items for you and even ship to you if you are out of state. I would recommend coming into the store for a fitting... as it can and will change your life! Pros + Customer Service and Selection of items more
520 N Michigan Ave
Chicago, IL 60611
(312) 379-4300
There is not alot to say except that Nordstroms is very expensive. This is not where you would go to buy shoes for the family, that is unless the family bread winner makes atleast 60.000 a year!! For some this is a laugh, but reality is there is a great amount of familys who live on less! I can't understand this storebeing on the top ten list. Pros + good quality Cons - expensive more
Trousseau Lingerie Inc
3543 N Southport Ave
Chicago, IL 60657
(773) 472-2727
I have been inconsistently shopping at Trousseau for 4 years now. I had a great first experience getting a true bra fitting. But, after my wonderful first experience I found other staff to be less attentive and less pleasant on other visits. Recently I have been very in need of some new bras and it felt my old one's weren't fitting as well. I decided to give Trousseau another try and went yesterday for the kick-off of their spring sale. I had an awesome sales consultant named Lauren who patiently, persistently and pleasantly helped me find a couple bras that fit really well! The owner Christy also helped me when I first entered the store. While the prices are a bit high. Trousseau has great customer service that make me return to the store for great help to find what I need and offer quality product. I would highly recommend this store to anyone who is sick of uncomfortable undergarments that don't fit properly and is willing to spend a little more for good product. Pros more
G Boutique
2131 N Damen Ave
Chicago, IL 60647
(773) 235-1234
I love this place! They have fabulous, fun lingerie - my last purchase was a flouncy, feathered skirt with a fishnet waist! There are absolutely beautiful corsets, teddies and garter belts, as well as basics like Hanky Panky thongs and seamless bras. There is also an extensive selection of toys, as well as bachelorette party accoutrements (naughty suckers, anyone?). Their lingerie is a little higher end, but they still have lots of things under $100. Aside from a great selection of lingerie, the thing I love most about this place is the way it feels - it's very comfortable and girly, and although it has a very luxurious feel, there is absolutely nothing snobby or uptight about it. I believe their website says it was created by women for women, and it really feels that way - like you're shopping at your girlfriend's store. The last time I was in, I asked the salesgirl if I could return what I bought if my husband died laughing, and she basically said "people take this stuff way t more
804 W Webster Ave
Chicago, IL 60614
(773) 472-9291
Underthings is my one stop shop for all my undergarmets! The owner and staff are wonderful and will pull out a variety of pieces til they understand what you like. As I have repeatidly gone into the store they have my style nailed down, and will make sure I know of their amazing bi-annual sales that come around. I make sure never to miss their sales, as the entire store is 20% off and select items 50% off and have almost every designer and size available. It's a city girl's boutique undergarmet dream come true! more
Baubo's Garden everything intimate
7234 W Madison
Forest Park, IL 60130
(708) 771-8900
The lingerie inside this hip suburban shop - a standout among more staid Forest Park fare along that stretch of Madison - is as diverse as its neighborhood. The price points go from affordable to splurgeriffic and the styles go from 'your mom' to 'can't-tell-you're-a-mom.' ;o) I love all the choices and the fact that they'll measure you to ensure you get exactly the right fit (especially when you're buying one of those fabulous French sets... hello luva). The owner, Eden, who's usually behind the counter, is a laid-back blend of sassy & sophistication with a built-in surprise. Ask her what she does on Tuesday nights. Then ask her about the Tool Shed. Don't miss Baubo's Garden. Her website explains the name. Pros + service, location, selection, price points Cons - wish it were open late nights when I'm in that mood! more
Wild Flowers
1407 N Wells St
Chicago, IL 60610
(312) 654-0482
Wildflowers is my new mainstay for lingerie. Gretchen is wonderful, helpful, and attentive to your needs. Her dog, Brutus, is also wonderful to have around and makes the boutique feel homey. I bought a fantastic Huit collection bra that fits me perfectly. It was twice as much as a vicky's bra, but is also twice as comfortable and way sexier. The store is tiny, but it's nice and cozy because of the limited access and the courtyard setting. Your sizes and information are kept on file, and here's the best part: all students get 10% off of their purchase!! Pros + Fantastic little shop, easy to get to by foot/ el Cons - I don't have enough thumbs to stick up :-( more
La Perla
535 N Michigan Ave
Chicago, IL 60611
(312) 494-0400
I admit, I don't have a lot of experience buying lingerie for wives, girlfriends, etc. I happened upon La Perla one day, and after looking at the website I thought I would check it out. The prices are not for those looking for a bargain, but I was not surprised some reviews I read stated that they were the Cartier of lingerie, particularly in terms of quality. The saleswomen were very helpful and helped me pick out a matching bottom for a baby-doll type top. Walking around town, at least half a dozen women remarked to me ("Wow, La Perla, someone is getting a nice gift!") while poking their husband/boyfriend at the same time. In fact, a saleswoman at Nordstrom was like "What girl wouldn't want something from La Perla?". Anyway, a pleasant experience, nice selection, pricey, but let's face it, this isn't an everyday gift. So guys, if you are looking for some lingerie, I think this is the place. The La Perla bag seems to evoke the same thing in women as a blue Tiffany's box. more

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