Where is the Best Massage in Durham, North Carolina?

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4 Answers

Destenee Salon and Spa
6118 Farrington Rd Ste D
Chapel Hill, NC 27514
(919) 493-5000
There are two types of salons as I see it. There are the arrogant ones that will let you tell them what you want. Then they do what they want anyway and when you are horrified at the results, they will charge you anyway. Of course, your dissatisfaction is completely your own doing and they are obviously not responsible. They tell you, ?You didn?t communicate what you wanted.? Or ?You?ll love it when you get used to it.? or ?You just never will be happy.? This was my experience at another, so called High End Chapel Hill Salon. Destenee, I am happy to say falls in the other category. After the travesty that was my previous experience, I called and made an appointment. I asked for the absolute best and the gentleman replied that Bobbie, the owner, was the absolute best. He informed me that her prices were a little more than the norm, but well worth it. I went in expecting to meet the most arrogant stylist I have ever met, but what I met was the sweetest, most sincere stylist. I more
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Mina's Studio
400 S Elliott Rd
Suite K, Chapel Hill, NC 27514
(919) 968-8548
I came in to Mina's and got a great bikini wax from Molly. She was quick (in and out in under 20 minutes), calm, and professional. She didn't try to chat chat chat like so many do, and her work was clean and neat. I do wish that the front desk had given me the opportunity to leave a tip, as I did not have any cash, and the receipt I signed had no space for tip - a faux pas on my part, but I'll just make up for it the next time I come to see Molly. But would it be so hard to ask customers "Would you like to leave a tip on your card?" before they go swiping? I do agree with some commenters that the front desk girls can be a big harsh - but I guess it's all business to them. Either way, I was able to make an appointment for the same day - Molly was sweet and professional...I will absolutely be back to see her! Maybe will be coming back for a haircut too if I can find a stylist who can work with fine textured hair... Pros + quick and professional! Cons - front desk is a little la more
Bella Trio Day Spa & Salon
5826 Fayetteville Rd Ste 103
Durham, NC 27713
(919) 484-1221
I have tried for 20 years to explain to multiple hair stylist my hair issues and every single time they build my hopes up, talk a good game and I end up frustrated and disappointed after the appointment. Saturday I explained to Tasaan my hair dilemma?s. I explained to him that my hair is so soft and fine, it?s basically like styling cotton. I asked him to sharpen up my cut not chop a lot off like I have experienced in the past. I explained how my hair just seems to be a fly away mess. He listened to everything I said and in turn explained to me what he thought was best for my hair type and implemented it to perfection. I will never have thick hair but Tasaan has it looking terrific. It appears thicker and it is so manageable. If the wind hits it, it falls back into place and doesn?t look all crazy and stiff from the products that other stylist have used on my hair in the past. Tasaan explained those products were too heavy for my hair. I have not attempted to tie my hair ba more
Active Edge Fitness & Sports Performance
4221 Garrett Rd
Durham, NC 27707
(919) 493-1204
I have tried a trainer at the local gym...not motivating enough. Then I tried Curves...too boring and repetitive. Recently I tried a kettlebell class with a friend and injured my low back and couldn't even see patients for 2 days. Then after talking with some of the other Duke physicians, I called Brian. What an exhilarating change! He wasn't overly egotistic like the kettlebell guy, he was a much better inspiration then the other trainer at the local gym, and mixed up the exercises to keep it exciting! Look no farther - this guy is the best! What really impressed me was how thorough the evaluation was, he looked at all my medical history, diet, and exercise background. After watching me go through several movements, he came up with a plan. Granted, he still adds the occasional kettlebell exercise, ugh, but he goes over the movement and will adjust if necessary. He also adds other forms of resistance to give a much more well rounded workout then anything I have ever experienced! We ... more

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