Where is the Best Nail Salon in Raleigh, North Carolina?

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6 Answers

Lux Salon
910-109 Spring Forest Rd.
Raleigh, NC 27609
(919) 790-7011
I've been going to Lux ever since it opened years ago. Not once have I ever had a bad experience! Everyone is always as nice and friendly as can be, not to mention always ready and willing to help you with anything. Deborah Clark has been cutting my hair for 9 years now, dont think I've ever had a bad haircut from her! My whole family goes there now! My hair could grow to my ankles and wouldnt get it cut unless it was at LUX SALON!!!! GREAT SERVICE, GREAT PEOPLE, GREAT HAIRCUT!!!!!!!! My friends joke on me sometimes about the fact that I'm a guy who gets his haircuts at a salon, but the jokes on them, cause my hair always looks twice as good as theirs!!! ; ) P.S.- And as far as the "man cut" guy goes, My brother, my dad, and I all get our haircuts at Lux, and have for a long long time. They have plenty of skills and style with men's hair! Erin is great, she cuts my dads hair.............and his haircuts are spectacular! Pros + Everything Cons - None more
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Mani Pedi Spa Nails
8741 Brier Creek Pkwy
Raleigh, NC 27617
(919) 544-1981
I went here for the first time last Thursday (4.17.08) based on the reviews of this site. I really liked the look of the salon. Very clean and bright! After I walked in and was greeted I told the woman that I would like a manicure and a pedicure and proceeded to wait my turn. I didn't have an appointment but no one even asked me if I had one so walk ins seem to be very welcome. I picked up the little book on their desk outlining the services they offer and all I can say is ... Wow! they offer a lot of different manicures and pedicures. I just went with a regular manicure and french pedicure. The pedicure was WONDERFUL! The massage was so great. She knew what she was doing and did not skimp on time. I do have one tiny complaint. The file she used on my heels actually left them rough. I'm a little upset by it but I keep a foot file in the shower and do a light scrub every day to make sure the dry skin doesn't get out of control especially in the summer wearing sandals. Alre more
BodyLase Skin Spa
50 Keisler Dr - Ste 201
Cary, NC 27511
(919) 851-8989
I went here for one facial when I was a bride-to-be. I meant to pamper myself but I think my skin was just too delicate because I had a sunburnt feeling and appearance for several days after it and even washing my face bothered it. On the plus side my face felt incredibly smooth when it didn't protest to my touching it. As I was leaving the lady who did my facial warned me that I needed to wear sunscreen for the next couple of days, and it was even more important since I am very fair of skin. The lady checking me out tried to sell me some spf15 after the facial lady told me this in front of her. I said no thanks since I had moisturizer at home I use with spf30 in it. The facial lady told her no way! That is was too low for me and gave me a small jar of spf30 (same size as something you would find lip gloss in). My chief complaint though was when I was checking in they wanted my email address and silly me gave it to them. When I moved out of town I kept getting spammed with the more
Synergy Spa
2603 Glenwood Ave
Raleigh, NC 27608
(919) 510-5130
We had our first annual girls weekend in Raleigh and I picked this spa out of the phone book, literally! It was well beyond our expectations. I wanted a massage, but foundout I was pregnant right before, so I "settled" for a facial, but can't wait to get a massage when I go back this year. We went on Saturday, and it was quiet, peaceful, and we felt like we got a lot of exclusive attention. I know after our appts, which included manicures and pedicures, they spent so much time with us! My only complaint is that they were very easy to reach my email last year to schedule my appointment, but this year, not so much. I guess they are busy! My friend had never had a massage before, and now she is hooked. We see no reason to change spas for this year's girl's weekend. We will be coming back to Synergy. Pros + Clean, calm, took a lot of time with us Cons - Hard to reach by email more
Skin Essence A Day Spa
8340 Bandford way Ste #107
Raleigh, NC 27615
(919) 848-0199
The atmosphere is very comforting and relaxing. Linas experience provides you with the satisfaction that you?re getting the best. I almost get the sense that she does this because she genuinely likes helping people, and wants people to feel happy about themselves. I can?t compare this spa to any others because of the fact that I haven?t been to any other in the area. Actually, this was the first spa I have ever gone too, and I am so glad I picked this one. Before I decided on which spa was right for me, I did what your doing right now?read reviews on the local day spa?s in the area, with a concentration in facials, and more specifically, microderm abrasions. Being a young guy, I was a little apprehensive about even stepping foot in such a place, but really felt welcomed from ?hello?. Lina?s assistant Emily did a wonderful job throughout my treatment session, which consisted of a facial, microderm abrasion, followed by a chemical peel, lasting about an hour each time, for a t more
Modern Enhancement Salon & Spa - Hair Extension Studio
8320 Litchford Rd
Raleigh, NC 27615
(919) 875-8668
I have been going to this salon since they opened the doors, I get my color, pedicures, facials and eyebrow waxes there. I was told last week about the citysearch voting taking place. If your reading this post i want you to know this salon is AMAZING. There is so much attention to detail! The skills, decor and just the way they make you feel when you walk in the door is fabulous. They always make me my favorite- green tea with fresh mint and honey. Everyone always greets me and makes me feel so special- i have been to some salons and the other stylists never even smile. I dont know how they do it but they are always cheerful! I love this place! Thank you all for being so wonderful. Lori B. Pros + They have Bumble & Bumble hair products Cons - none more

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