Where is the Best Pizza in Columbus, Ohio?

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Mama Mimi's Take 'n Bake Pizza
2092 Henderson Rd
Columbus, OH 43220
(614) 459-4114
We stopped in to Mama Mimi's last night to pick up our order - we called it in & the girl on the phone was very friendly - as always!!! We read on the special board that there is a new pizza w/ apricot glaze, chicken, caramelized onions & gorgonzola. We mentioned that we wished we hadn't already ordered because we wanted to try it & they let us change our order, even thought they had already made our pizza! We took home the Mama's Marmelletta (sp?) pizza & I am telling you...it was incredible. People...try this pie! You will not believe how good it is! We love all their pizzas, but this new one is the best we've ever had. We are going back to get another one tonight! Pros + Fresh ingredients, friendly employees, wonderful aroma more
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Plank's Cafe & Pizzeria Delivery
743 Parsons Ave
Columbus, OH 43206
(614) 443-6251
Little Sicily's Pizza House
2965 Brice Rd
Brice, OH 43109
(614) 864-6020
This pizza is by far my favorite. I've sampled just about every pizza here on the East side and these guys go above and beyond what a good pizza should be. The ingredients are fresh and plentiful. The sausage in particular is one of the best features at Little Sicily's. They use fresh grould sausage on the pizza. CHUNKS of it. Not that little processessed junk you get at most pizza shops/chains. I recently traveled to Chicago and sampled Lou Malnati's and I totally get why the Chicago natives rate this the closest they've found to Chicago style. I think the only thing it's really lacking is being cooked in a pan and it could possibly be better than anything I found in Chicago. If you don't like the mass produced chains that are out there, I suggest you give these guys a try. Pros + Different, Fresh, SAUSAGE Cons - Getting out of the parking lot. more
Tommy's Pizza Inc
174 W Ln Ave
Columbus, OH 43201
(614) 294-4669
I have no earthly idea how anybody in the Columbus area could pick any pizza other than Tommy's as the best in Columbus. I don't live in Columbus now, but I thought it was the best when I grew up there and I have never tasted any pizza anywhere in the world (literally) that was better!!!!!!! Tommy's is the first place I stop when I get back to Columbus and my family would throw me out of the house if I didn't bring a Tommy's Pizza back with me if I go to Columbus by myself (even cold it is still the best!!!) My only complaint is that it is only in Columbus. Tommy's is absolutely the BEST PIZZA, PERIOD!!!!!!!! ANYWHERE!!!!!!!! Pros + Pizza, Food, Quality Cons - None more
Wholly Joe's
1182 E Powell Dr
Lewis Center, OH 43035
(614) 430-9441
This was a great lunch and would make a good dinner. The 1950's style it was totally fun. Be careful because the pizza is only serived in the evening and on weekends but everything I have had on the menu was great. Besides that anytime to dine for 15.00 and leave full I am having a great day. Pros + Price, Taste, Feel Cons - Hard to fine, Funny Ordering Set Up more
Buca di Beppo
343 N Front St
Columbus, OH 43215
(614) 621-3287
Some will find BdB loud, tacky, boisterous and inauthentic. And they would be right. Yes, the portions are enormous, but the food is nowhere near as good as, say, Salvi's or Moretti's. BdB is not the place for a romantic first date or anniversary - you find yourself shrieking to be heard - but if you're looking for a fun night out with friends or having an informal celebration of some kind, I'd say check it out. The servers do their best to take care of everyone but don't expect your glass to be refilled immediately. Parking can also suck. Oh, and try the Spumoni with chocolate sauce. Mmmmmm! Pros + Fun & exuberant, Location Cons - Parking, Very noisy, A bit tacky more
Rotolo's Pizza
1749 W 5TH Ave
Columbus, OH 43212
(614) 488-7934
I grew up in Grandview enjoying Rotolo's pizza since the early 80's. Until within the past several years, I'd swear it was the best with a perfected pizza everytime. Ever since the frozen pizza line/additional shops opened, it seems perhaps the quality has suffered. Inconsistancy is a problem. You never know what you'll get. Sometimes you'll say it was good, other times you'll be disappointed. The disappointment being why can't I get one like they used to make them? Like the days when the Rotolo family would all be working hard on a Friday night. Go to the Rotolo's website and look at the picture with Papa Rotolo holding open the oven door with a pizza pie in it. That's the Rotolo's pizza I remember. You just can't get 'em like they used to be:others agree. Still my favorite, but instead of going there exclusively, I now experiment locally. Pros + sauce, reputation, Grandview tradition Cons - inconsistent , don't see family ofte, just not the same more
Rubino's Pizza
2643 E Main St
Columbus, OH 43209
(614) 235-1700
When I was in Jr. High (Eastmoor & Johnson Park) THE place to go after a dance or football game was Rubino's. I moved from Columbus to St. Louis in 1964, but returned for the first time after 42 years to attend the 40 year reunion of the class I would have graduated with had I remained in Ohio. It was great to see friends after all that time, but I have to admit that dinner at Rubino's was the highlight of the trip. I was sure my memories of the atmosphere and especially the pizza had been blown out of proportion after all that time of dreaming about them, but when I walked through the door it was like stepping into the early 60's. EVERYTHING was the same. Well, okay, they did have an updated Coke machine. The one I remember was a big chest and when you lifted the lid all the different brands of soda (pop) were there for the taking. However many Cokes you drank was determined by the honor system so I'm sure they lost money on it. And the boothes had been re-upholstered, but ot more
Mama Mimi's Take 'n Bake Pizza
2923 North High Street
Clintonville, OH 43202
(614) 261-0080
Unfortunately, the pizza here is only fair. The list of toppings goes on and on, including such things as spinach and caramelized onions. But the crust, even the "healthy" honey wheat is only fair. And they never put enough cheese on, unless coached! Fortunately, that's what it's all about. They make the pizza while you watch, so they'll adjust or substitute anything you want. The lasagna is VERY good, both the meat and the veggie versions. It comes with ready to bake breadsticks which are made with the same dough as the pizza, plus a little cheese, served w/red sauce on the side. They're just okay. The take and bake cookie is tasty. Pros + Lasagna, adjusting toppings to your taste. Cons - Pizza crust more
Pasquale's Pizza & Pasta House
14 N State St
Westerville, OH 43081
(614) 822-6200
Staff and owner could not be any friendlier or more hospitable. When is the last time someone ask if you wanted something to drink when you had a couple of minutes wait on your take out order ? My wife is Italian ( need I say more ) and I managed a Pizza Hut many years ago. We both LOVE pizza and as all pizza lovers we are always wanting to find a new and better pie. The guy @ the grocery deli counter told us about Pasquales. I just got my first pizza tonite. WOW !!! Value,taste quality,and the amount of pizza you get for your $ is fantastic. I dare anyone to have one of their pizzas and say they didn't like it. A large 16 inch 2 topping pizza for 16 bucks can easily feed 4 adults. We had about a 10 mile drive to get there and I already know where our next pizza is coming from. Its not overly difficult to find in downtown Westerville but ask for directions before your 1st time going there. It's down a small alley. ENJOY : ) more
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