Where is the Best Reflexology & Foot Massage in Chicago, Illinois?

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8 Answers

Gutrich Chiropractic & Acupuncture
1425 W. Diversey Pkwy
Chicago, IL 60614
(773) 472-0700
Having seen Dr. Cramer a few times over the past year, I'd highly recommend her to anyone. The first time I saw her, I thought I had an idea what the problem was, and told her so. She thoughtfully listened, then proceeded to perform a comprehensive evaluation--more than I'd ever had at a chiropractor in the past. She explained to me why I was experiencing pain, gave me info on exercises to make it better, and the treatment plan she would undertake. After a few sessions, the pain subsided. I've occasionally had flare ups, but because I knew what was causing the pain, I am able to correct the problem myself. I recently returned from long, hard trip in Europe, and felt like I'd been struck by a bus. I thought about going to a spa for a massage, but decided to see Dr. Cramer, because a lot of the pain was actually in my joints. Once again, she started by checked me out--even for things that I wasn't complaining about. She did an adjustment on me, then had their massage therapist work o more
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Aria at the Fairmont Hotel
200 N Columbus Dr
Chicago, IL 60601
(312) 444-9494
It's difficult to properly compare this restaurant to other places because of it's unique menu selection. While the food was good, there wasn't anything that really stood out. I took my friend here for a nice meal where we could chat in peace. I had spicy beef (a beef stir fry with good fresh vegetables, touches of Thai and Chinese flavors) and she had Escarole. The fish was done properly well, but a tad salty. The 3 types of potato side dishes were done fairly well, but they don't stand out at all. Overall, while a nice place to eat, it really can't stand up to a restaurant that focuses on one type of cuisine. The service people were quite responsive, but that's not the reason why I came here. I guess I expected a little more; I would come again, but I would know the limits of my expectations of the food. Pros + A nice selection of food, nice wine menu, adequate prices Cons - Nothing done to the level of excellence more
Ruby Room
1743 W Division St # 45
Chicago, IL 60622
(773) 235-2323
I spent a Saturday afternoon at Ruby Room thanks to some very generous friends who surprised me with a gift certificate for my birthday...still can't thank you guys enough. I'm not much for pampering myself, but I am so glad that I did. First I got a massage that was both therapeutic and relaxing. The therapist was wonderful (and surprisingly strong). I walked out of the room in a blissful daze completely relieved of my stress and tension. Thankfully, Ruby Room's atmosphere is inviting and relaxing without a touch of intimidation so I really felt comfortable. I followed the massage with an hour long Arcona facial with Jenifer. I kid you not, it may have changed my life. My skin looks fresh for the first time in many, many years. With Jenifer's advice and technique I feel like I'm on my way to have truly good skin. The products are gentle and natural and they smell great. Thanks for the best 'me' day I've had in a long time Ruby Room! Pros + Relaxing, Affordable, Natural, E more
Deborah Davis Day Spa
131 N Addison Ave
Elmhurst, IL 60126
(630) 834-4111
WOW, WOW and WOW!! Hands down the best facial I have ever had (and I have had plently). I searched high and low for a new place to have my facials done since the lady who use to do mine moved out of town. It had been 6 months since I had one, and I wld normally go once a month. I had tried a couple new places and did not have good experiences so I just stopped COLD TURKEY!! You know what I am talking about ladies. That oh my gosh experience where it terrifies you to even think of putting you face through another one of "those facial nightmares" ! So needless to say my skin had reached the SOS status. So of course I came right online and checked my most reliable resource (CitySearch). After actually 1 week of research (hey what can I say choosing a esthetician should be like chosing a doctor) I decided to go with DD, which turned out to be the best decision I ever made as far as choosing a great Esthetician. From the moment I called and talked to Jeff, who is Deborah's. husband I knew more
Spa La La
2300 W. Armitage
Chicago, IL 60647
(773) 772-5252
Spa LaLa is right near my house,I noticed they had recently opened &were offering 20% off so I stopped in. They carry a skin care line I have never seen anywhere else. I am sort of a spa snob,I have used just about every line You can imagine & have had facials & massages in almost every spa in Chicago,so I had to try it out. Deidre gave me my facial & it was awesome,totally got my moneys worth. It was very unique,I have never had a facial like this before. During the facial she also gave me a foot treatment with real seaweed. My massage was the best I've ever had, rather then just picking a massage from the menu,my therapist,Leo, talked to me about what I wanted,what needed extra attention, etc.etc. & pretty much customized my massage. I will most definately be back. In addition to loving my services,the staff & vibe of the spa all together was really nice, not at all pretentious,which is always something I look for. Pros + the staff was very down to earth,I was really comfortable more
Infinity Day Spa
435 Angela Lane
Crystal Lake, IL 60014
(815) 444-7721
From the minute you walk in, your are welcomed with open arms. Very relaxing atmosphere, very quiet, very homey. I felt like I was a queen here. The treatments are very thorough and amazing. I was in for the Infinity facial and by the time I was done I was so relaxed I did not want to leave. Definately a spa to check out. Pros + Personal touch!!!! Cons - None I can think of more
Joseph Michael's Salon and Spa
1313 N Ritchie Ct
Chicago, IL 60610
(312) 482-9800
Chicago has been graced with so many unique and incredible opportunities in business, entertainment, culinary delights, and the list goes on. It would only go to say that in keeping with Chicago?s lists of great fortune they would now be the benefactors of one of the best hair stylists in the world. And of course in keeping with Chicago tradition, at a fraction of the price we have paid for the privilege in Miami, and New York City. Gregory Dickinson recently moved from our little slice of paradise here in South Beach to be closer to his family and friends in Chicago, leaving behind a clientele wishing it wasn?t so. Many of us, me included have scrambled our staff and schedules to create business opportunities in Chicago to justify a flight to the windy city for a visit to Gregory?s new home Joseph Michaels Salon in the Gold Coast. How good is this guy? I am a 43 year old business executive who has lived in more than 14 states and a dozen countries over the years. Finding a good ... more
Sir Spa
5151 North Clark Street
Chicago, IL 60640
(773) 271-7000
Screwed over by American Airlines, I arrived in Chicago for my week-end of debauchery with old pals at 7:40 am rather than the 7:00 pm arrival that I paid for (that's another story though) - I had a whole day to myself, the weather was marginal at best... "ah", I thought, "perfect day to detox before the week-end of retox." My Chicago friend told me to call Sir Spa - I called and made a reservation for the Soveirgn Package. So, here's how I break it down - great facial - a true facial designed for the needs of men, rather than a woman's facial cleverly called 'THE GENTLEMAN'S FACIAL" - hot towels to sooth the stress of razor burn, masculine scented products... it's all good, it's all perfect. 90 minute massage - fantastic massage - had David I believe. Totally relaxing. The hand/foot detail - I walked into the cool room upstairs where they do nail services for guys. The woman did a great job and I would definitely go back. The locker room amenities were very nice, steam, water more

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