Where is the Best Taxi/Limo in Cincinnati, Ohio?

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3 Answers

A Executive Car Limo Service
1720 Dana Ave
Cincinnati, OH 45207
(513) 351-7688
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Towne Taxi
4149 Spring Grove Ave
Cincinnati, OH 45223
(513) 761-7700
When I called Towne Taxi, I was looking around for a taxi company that specifically serviced the Beechmont Avenue area. I was also looking for someone that took credit cards. The man on the phone assured me that they no question did both. I was happy at this point, because they were exactly what I was looking for. I had a quick reality check when a "10-15 wait" for the taxi to show up turned into over 1 hour. At one point the taxi driver called me, had no idea where I was (even though I gave a specific address), and hung up on me before I could describe to him how to get there. I waited another ten minutes - in the cold - and had to flag him down in the middle of the street. Upon getting in the taxi, he had no idea where my departure point was, and was openly upset about "having to come all the way out here". Wait, didn't they say they serviced this area? Yes, they did. The worse part, however, was that when I got to my my departure point, the cab driver refused to call in m more
Jimmy's Limousine Service
4026 Haverstraw Dr
Cincinnati, OH 45241
(513) 769-1888
I planned a connecting trip from Cincinnati to Dayton in the early hours of the morning. Having read Jimmy's earlier reviews I decided to give them a try. When calling to inquire about rates and reservations, the professionalism, and splendid telephone manners, of the business became apparent. When I arrived in Cincinnati, Jimmy was waiting there with a limo. Any worries I had evaporated instantly. The vehicle was spotless, and the service was gracious and personal. The ride to my destination was swift and comfortable. This is a company that cares about its customers - and it shows! Look no further, Jimmy's is the best you'll find. Pros + Ease of making reservations, on-time performance, great limo, on time (shows up early), great driver, friendly personnel Cons - None whatsoever more

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