Where is waterproof underlayment required in a kitchen countertop installation?

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1 Answer

When installing thin (2 cm) stone kitchen countertops, use a waterproof plywood in the wet areas as a substrate. Q: Is it possible to construct a thin stone bench for exterior use? What are the concerns and considerations? A: The stone should be at least 3cm thick. The length of the bench should be kept under 4’. Cut and finish the top and posts as you normally would; place the two posts approximately 10” in from each end of the top. Use a drill-and pin-assembly, with two threaded pins per post. The trick is to make a very good bond with the epoxy or polyester resin. Lay the posts on the bottom of the top and mark off their location. Make sure that the stones member together perfectly. Thoroughly sand with 40 grit or rougher – and this is the most-important part – both surfaces to be jointed. The stones must be very clean, moisture-free, and slightly warm. Epoxy together upside down, and allow to sit for 24 hours. I constructed a similar bench more than 30 years ago of White Danby, ... more
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