Where Should The Fire Extinguishers Be Located?

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1 Answer

Unless an extinguisher is being provided to deal with a specific risk, they should be located at key points on your emergency escape routes. Key locations are next to fire exit doors, near the exit from a floor or room, etc. If an extinguisher is intended to cover a particular risk, such as a hot fat fryer in a kitchen, then it obviously needs to be sited in the room near to the hazard it relates to. The best method of fixing is to attach your fire extinguishers to a wall by a special bracket. This places them at a good height for visibility and access as well as offering a degree of protection from being knocked over or moved. Where this is not possible, you can get free standing units that the fire extinguisher sits in. This helps to give them a more permanent position than if they were just on their own and makes them less likely to be moved or damaged. Maintenance And Testing of Fire Extinguishers Part of the duty on the Responsible Person is to properly maintain all your fire ... more
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