Where to find great corporate gift ideas?

Alison Hardy Alison Hardy edited answer

I really like T-Shirts. I think they are great corporate gifts for everyone. People will surely wear them. I also like creating some Custom Lapel Pins for my employees, they are really cool small accessories which people like a lot too. Think about those 🙂


The Internet Of course the internet has a million choices from “Mom and Pop’s” to Hershey’s. Remember you are buying a business gift and not a beautiful picture of one. Always pre-order a gift, and have the supplier ship it to you as if you were receiving it like one of your clients. It is important to order anonymously, if your vendor knows you might be ordering several hundred gifts, they will make sure your prototype is the best looking gift they will produce that year! Look in your Neighborhood Every community has great businesses that provide corporate holiday gifts. They can be a chocolatier, gourmet food business, or even a large food manufacturing company that does not sell retail but has a division that sells corporate holiday gifts. Ask your Friends and Yourself Have they already performed the leg work and have a winner? Did you receive a gift last year that was impressive? The ABC’s of preparing a Corporate Gift List If you were able to double your budget, great! If not, use

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