Where to find Samsonite luggage parts?

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1 Answer

I’ve received a lot of emails lately about where to find luggage repair parts for Samsonite luggage. So I thought it would be a good idea to put together a quick article about the different avenues to find Samsonite replacement luggage parts and where to send your Samsonite luggage for repair. Samsonite luggage repair is pretty straightforward, in my opinion, because Samsonite is the top brand when it comes to quality, durability and customer service. I have had my luggage set for well over 5 years and have flown back and forth to and from Europe many times without any major damage. I had a couple of torn pockets and stuck zippers but got those fixed pretty easily. However, like with anything else, luggage needs care if you’re a frequent traveler like myself. Finding Samsonite luggage parts was pretty easy to find since it is such a well-known brand worldwide. Depending on how much damage your Samsonite luggage has sustained, you have a few options to consider: 1) call Samsonsite ... more
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