Where to get an abortion in Dubai, UAE?


Where to get an abortion in Dubai, UAE?

sid patel

Abortion – Medical or traditional MTP is illegal in UAE. However a no of women fly to India for Medical termination of pregnancy. One of the recommended neat, clean and well equipped places for abortion is located at Mumbai at The Family hospital located at Mumbai India. 

A no of flights operate out of dubai and abu dhabi to fly to Mumbai. The hospital can be reached at www.hospitalfamily.com. 

They care of all the planning, travel, stay and surgery or abortion pills as needed.

They are reliable and have a steady flow of women coming from Middle east and Africa for their Gynecological and Abortion treatment.



nimmi joshi

India is the closest and the most convenient destination to travel for abortion.

Yes – one of my friends staying in dubai flew to mumbai for an abortion.

The family hospital at Mumbai is very patient friendly and they have a travel desk which takes care of the ticketing from uae to india including airport pickup and drop, hospital stay and carry out the abortion procedures in the safest possible manner. They are very sensitive about the cultural needs of the patient.

Two of my friends had recently been at the family hospital for abortion – one of my close friends was 8 weeks pregnant and other was almost 4 months and both got their abortions (MTPs) done at the family hospital at Mumbai. They were happy about the arrangements.

They found the doctor kind and considerate and the staff was very caring. Moreover – confidentiality was maintained especially when you are unmarried. The hospital is well equipped neat and clean and small enough to provide discrete personal services.

All travel arrangements were taken care and they have arrangements for online payments to be done as a small deposit and rest of the payments can be done at the hospital on admission.

I would recommend the hospital for all women staying in dubai abu dhabi sharjah fujirah and uae based countries where abortion is taboo by law to travel to mumbai for their abortion related treatment.




Vibha – The Family hospital – The best friendly place to get your abortion.

I was 10 weeks pregnant.

Send your history on an email.

Confirm the dates

Pay online

They take care of the tickets from Dubai to Mumbai.

Airport pickup at Mumbai International airport.

20 km drive to the clinic

Preop consultation and investigations

Painless abortion on the same day

Rest for another day

Airport drop.

Fly back to dubai.

Optional holiday package if you wish to have.








Good friendly staff

Professional doctor

Nice clean well equipped hospital setup

Confidentiality and privacy

Highly recommended.


Have a good life.

Abortion India.

arni kp

Me and my girlfriend got it done from a hospital in Dadar. The Doctor and the staff wwere very professional. Everything was clean and hygenic. The Doctor made us very comfortable by explaining us the entire procedure , pros and cons. The entire procedure was painless. My girlfriend had no issues after the procedure. Its been quite some time after the procedure and I am still in touch with the doctor over email. Whatever queries we have , the doctor promptly replies. So thats an added bonus. You can get the details from this site www.mumbaigynaec.com


Hope you are married. If not, please do not even think about going to see a doc because he/she has to report you. There is no way that you will get an abortion in the UAE for a “social” reason like in the West. Only in a few medical indications an abortion is allowed and the father’s permission is necessary. Last year a friend of mine got pregnant and something went wrong with the pregnancy. To avoid any problems the doc advised her to take the next flight back home to receive treatment. Two other friends had miscarriges and the husbands had to sign certain papers. Even a miscarrige is considered an abortion. Sorry, that I can not give you the answer you are looking for. In the UAE an abortion is considered a crime and will be punished hard. Please do not see anybody who “offers” you an abortion. In this case you’ll play with your life. It’s kind of difficult to give you the right advice without knowing the circumstances you live in. If you want you can email me. Take care and all the

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